Your solution for easily creating and managing numerous e-commerce application instances.

blugento commerce cloud

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It is suitable for digital agencies, system integrators and hosting companies who are looking for a more effective, efficient way of managing all their e-commerce application instances.

blugento is a cloud-based management platform allowing you to create and manage multiple application instances in one place.

Why use blugento commerce cloud?


Find the best solution for your business.

On your cloud or on ours

Modern Cloud Hosting


Whenever you want, take your own app containers and switch to the hosting environment of your choice!

Don’t be locked in! 

Be free and choose the hosting environment that fits best for your application. Choose from established cloud hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services or the Open Telekom Cloud to meet the specific scalability, performance and data protection requirements of the various customer projects. Of course you can also place the application on docker hosts of your own provider.

Create, configure, customise, launch, update & stop instances in an instant. Use blugento for a quick creation of demo instances in pitchings or as a basis of new customer stores.

Manage Instances

Start your project with prepared application images and choose preconfigured cloud environment with just a few clicks.

Save time

Less stressful, less time consuming: use preconfigured build-pipelines for continuous integration of your code!

The continuous and automated import of new code combined with immediate unit tests and the fast reaction to possible code errors lead to a high software quality. Deployment errors caused by humans are excluded. The merge effort is reduced to a minimum and new features and changes are quickly available in your applications. Every deployment is automatically documented in an audit for high change transparency.

Continuous Integration and Deployment

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We support the following technologies

blugento commerce cloud allows you to create, operate, scale and update multiple applications on AWS, Open Telekom Cloud or on your own Docker-hosts at a push of a button.

What's inside?

/ Create & Manage App Instances of Shops, CMS, PIM

/ Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

/ Backup, Clone & Restore Instances

/ Monitoring & Reporting

/ Automated Testing

/ User Management

/ Product Management

/ Data Management



Efficient way of managing your e-commerce

Backup & Restore

Create backups and restore to old versions with one click

 Role Management

Role management for all instances

User Rights

Central hub for users

Single Sign On

Single sign on via e-mail, Google, Github or LDAP with all Instances accessible from one central location

Content Delivery Network, Monitoring and DNS


View the health status, performance and hosting costs of your instances at a glance

Real Time Monitoring

user management
single sign on

"Blugento commerce cloud opened up for us new opportunities to serve advanced e-commerce clients who need highly scalable systems, fast deployment of changes or who manage multiple stores across regions."


Head of Creation and Production Creative Director

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH


Professional blugento solutions

blugento shop factory

B2B shop now!


The award-winning multi-store solution for creating and managing hundreds of online-shops in one central backend.

Create preconfigured Shopware 6 online-shops including modern B2B features by one click.

To manage your web projects in the most comfortable way.

Becoming a blugento partner enables you to help your clients to launch stores and scale their e-commerce activities. Agencies and consultants benefit from short development times for e-commerce instances, high flexibility and a new recurring revenue stream.

blugento partner program

Blugento commerce cloud is designed and developed by an experienced and certified developer team based in Germany and fulfills the requirements of enterprise clients. 

Made by CI/CD experts and certified e-commerce developers

with blugento commerce cloud

Streamline and optimize your instances

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