The award-winning multi-store solution for creating and managing your 

Magento eCommerce portfolio

blugento shop factory


blugento shop factory allows you to create and manage multiple Magento stores on your cloud or ours

What's inside?

/ Create & Manage

/ Magento 1 & 2 Community & Enterprise Editions

/ Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

/ Backup & Restore

/ Monitoring & Reporting

/ Automated Testing

/ User Management

/ Product Management

/ Data Management

blugento allows you to create and manage multiple Magento stores in one place. 

Why use blugento?

Create, Configure, Customise, Launch, Update & Stop stores in an instant.

Manage Stores

Create backups and restore to old versions with one click

Backup & Restore

Single sign on via Email, Google, Github or LDAP with all stores accessible from one central location.

Single Sign On

Central hub for users and role management for all stores.

User Rights & Role Management

View the status of stores, revenues and hosting costs in one clear view.

Real Time Monitoring

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines, utilizing automation to enable fast iterations to your store.

CI/CD Pipelines

Content Delivery Network, Monitoring and DNS


Manage all your products directly from the dashboard using a PIM such as Akeneo

Product Management

A cloud-based management platform allowing you to create and manage multiple stores in one place and is suitable for individual merchants, system integrators and hosting companies who are looking for a more effective, efficient way of managing their eCommerce.  

blugento is...

"Blugento Shop Factory opened up for us new opportunities to serve advanced e-commerce clients who need highly scalable sytems, fast deployment of changes or who manage mutltiple stores across regions"


Head of Creation and Production Creative Director

T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

Becoming a blugento partner enables you to help your clients to launch stores and scale their e-commerce activities with our shop factory. The blugento partner program is designed for agencies, consultants and companies who serve clients with advanced eCommerce needs.

blugento partner program

The blugento shop factory is designed and developed by a certified Magento development team based in Leipzig, Germany and fulfills the requirements of enterprise clients. 

Made by certified Magento development team.

with the blugento shop factory

Streamline and optimize your stores

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